To give some idea of what your job might cost:

  • Internal doors hung 50/single | as low as 35 each for multiples
  • Doors and windows eased from 25 each
  • External doors fitted from 120
  • Flooring Laid from 10 a square metre
  • Skirting fitted from 5 a metre
  • Architrave fitted from 10 a door
  • Shelves fitted from 35 each
  • Bespoke doors made from 650
  • Bespoke windows made from 680
  • Custom shelving from 140
  • Custom trinket boxes made from 120

Terms and conditions;

All prices dependent on distance and job specifics, this is just a guideline.

All prices are fitting only, except custom joinery items that are manufacture only.

If you need a large amount of work doing, discounts may be possible on job totals.

Willing to accept Bitcoin, Silver or Gold as payment on labour costs.(gold and silver bullion only, no jewelery)

All materials, fixtures, fittings and any joinery items supplied belong to me until full payment has been received and funds cleared.

Any fixed quote given will expire after 7 days.

Deposits will be required for the procurement of materials and as security before any work will be undertaken.

Work for remote landlords will only be undertaken if full payment is made in advance.A receipt will be given stating such, upon receiving the payment.

Access will be made possible at all times during the job and if lack of access occurs for any reason, any time spent waiting will be chargeable. Keys can be left with me to avoid this.Hours for access can be agreed before job commencement.

Parking should be available nearby, preferably on a driveway, if a driveway is available it should be cleared for my use.

Plans/ drawings should be provided prior to the commencement of any work, changes that arise as the result of the lack of proper plans/drawings are chargeable in full.

timescales given for completion of works are approximate and not fixed in any way. No deductions will be made for late completion.

Wood is a natural product and is subject to shrinkage and movement as it dries (and absorbs moisture), I can not be held responsible for this movement.However I will try my best to work with what nature provides.

A single point of contact should be agreed and fixed for the term of the contract/job to avoid conflicting points of view, ie between a husband and wife.

Any re-decoration or filling of holes which may be required after my installing joinery items will not be my responsibility. I will endevour to be careful and not damage any walls etc. but I am not a painter and decorator

Any dirt, dust or other marks or stains on carpets or soft furnishings are not my responsibilty, I will lay sheets and try my utmost to avoid such occurances but it is a risk of the trade. If you have valuable carpets and/or rugs, soft furnishings it is my recommendation that you cover these yourself, have them covered professionally or remove them from any areas where work is to be undertaken or pathways between work areas and the outside/cutting areas.

Any personal possessions or goods/chattels left in areas to be worked in and/or pathways/hallways between a work area and the outside/cutting areas are not my responsibility. Please store items out of harms way to avoid damage to property of any kind.